Accelerating Access to Markets for Ecological Transition Innovations 

In the face of climate change, ecological transition is both a necessity and an opportunity. 


The conditions for success are strongly linked to mastering technological breakthroughs, developing circular and resource-efficient business models, and driving new approaches to markets and customers. 

CLIMICALS’ activities feed a virtuous loop of experience feedback: 

We mobilize our expertise in R&D management and early commercial development of hydrogen and cleantech to accelerate the development of our customers in the green transition markets. 


We develop techno-economic models of innovations


We offer simulation software for material shaping, allowing us to optimize the use of raw materials.


We are also developing an innovative process to produce high-performance plant-based plastics in a circular economy model.


A Catalyst of Future Value - Boosting Your Innovation

The mission of CLIMICALS is to help its customers accelerate the access to the market of innovations to foster the ecological transition.


CLIMICALS has the ambition to bring concrete answers to the challenges of the ecological transition by associating simulation, economic evaluations, and R&D management services.


For the energy part of the transition, we are specialized in hydrogen and renewable energies.


Convinced that the penetration of new technologies is conditioned by their economic performance, we put the economic models of the solutions at the heart of our approach.


On the basis of our expertise in technologies, their uses and business ecosystems

- we build models, R&D strategies, and action plans,

- we ensure its operational implementation.


For the material and circularity aspect of the transition, we are developing simulation services for material forming and we distribute Transvalor’s simulation packages. We are also developing an offer of bio-sourced plastics (link to techno page) to free plastics from fossil resources.


This dual culture of Technology & Services reflects our ability to design and implement innovative models of ecological transition. The resulting cross-fertilization brings a differentiating value.


The advantages of using CLIMICALS services

- Securing financing more efficiently

- Better evaluate technologies for acquisition or partnership purposes

- Increase the efficiency and quality of your R&D  

- Reduce your R&D budget and spend it more efficiently

- Motivate and transform your R&D team to play an effective role in technology commercialization

- Develop your company's leadership in its industry

We serve the following industries

Hydrogen energy


Renewable energy production

Energy services

Sustainable mobility

Synthetic fuels and molecules

CO2 re-use


Montréal, Quebec, Canada

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