We align R&D activities with your business needs, evaluate the economics and benefits of innovations with the alternatives, identify the best market opportunities, and integrate research results into your company's strategy requires substantial expertise.


Whether you have R&D within your current organization or not, we're here to help with tailored solutions.

If you already have R&D department we can help you

  • Maximize your existing projects and organizations

  • Tackle large-scale projects together

  • Take on larger customers & set up new processes

If you don't have R&D department we can help you

  • ​Create and develop R&D within your company​

  • Develop a specialized team


For R&D projects involving MATERIAL FORMING, we deliver the SIMULATION SOFTWARE services you need

CLIMICALS provides the expertise of advanced simulation for industrial applications to implement and use high-performance software and simulation to accelerate the completion of projects. This enables you to create digital twins/digitalization of your manufacturing processes.


  • Save money by troubleshooting production issues with Transvalor simulation software.

  • Develop products from idea to production to market

  • Improve the lifetime and performance of dies and production tools.


TRANSVALOR has developed an extensive suite of high-performance simulation software that addresses a wide range and variety of forming processes, for metallic solid and liquid materials as well as for polymers:



CLIMICALS: Transvalor Americas's Distributor in Canada

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