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R&D projects are risky. Maximizing your chances of success, and the value derived from R&D requires specialized expertise!


  • Save money by troubleshooting production issues with Transvalor simulation software 

  • Develop products from idea to production to market 

  • Improve the lifetime and performance of dies and production tools


A Catalyst of Future Value - Boosting Your Innovation

CLIMICALS' mission is to improve the performance of R&D. This is how we help you create additional value in the changing global business environment. We are strongly inspired by green energy and to drive clean-tech innovations to your markets.


R&D activities open multiple business opportunities for your company. CLIMICALS brings the expertise to align R&D activities with business needs, evaluate economics and benefits of innovations with the alternatives, identify the best market opportunities, and integrate research results into your company's strategy. 


The advantages of using CLIMICALS services

  • Take the performance of your R&D organization to the next level

  • Secure more projects with your customers when innovation is essential

  • Reduce your R&D budget and spend it more efficiently

  • Ensure a smooth transfer of new technologies to other groups or departments involved in innovation

  • Increase the efficiency and quality of R&D


  • Motivate and transform your R&D team to play an effective role in the commercialization of the technology

  • Reduce the risk exposure of your project portfolio 

  • Improve and better manage the value of your intellectual property

Serving Industries

Hydrogen Energy


Synthetic Fuel

Material Forming


Electric Mobility





Governments support green projects, and they need industries to take the opportunity to develop the green economy to fight climate change. 


Due to the ever-changing environment, customers are willing to change their practices and lifestyle to achieve a common ambitious, and desirable goal.


At CLIMICALS we are strongly inspired by green energy and to drive cleantech innovations to your markets.

Distributing Transvalor Americas Simulation Software in Canada.

CLIMICALS provides the expertise of advanced simulation for industrial applications to implement and use high-performance software and simulation to accelerate the completion of projects. This enables you to create digital twins/digitalization of your manufacturing processes.


High-performance simulations based on robust parallel computation, are critical to understand production challenges better and make faster & better decisions. Used early in the design process, simulation speeds up the development time by enabling you to “get it right the first time.” 

CLIMICALS: Transvalor Americas's Distributor in Canada

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