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Test Tubes

Technology - SYCLE Process

Goal: Develop a high performance process for the production of 5-HMF and FDCA from sugars


Our work streams on technology:

  • Optimize process to convert sugars present in biomass into 5-HMF and FDCA

  • Develop new catalysts to increase performance and efficiency

  • Control the purity of the 5-HMF and the FDCA

  • Qualify and expand the range of biomasses usable by our process

  • Ensure the remaining biomass is valued in our process 

SYCLE stands in french for synthesis of a polyvalent material by extraction

Image by Crystal Kwok


Goal: Operate a pilot and demonstrate the benefits of 5-HMF, FDCA and other bio-sourced derivatives to end-users

We are designing a demonstrator, in order to accurately assess the technology, business model and benefits for each stakeholder of the value chain:

  • Farmers, biomass, and sugar suppliers

  • Agrifood industries

  • Food distributors

  • Actors of purification

  • Polymerists

  • End-users

  • Communities

Go Team

Value Chains

Goal: Bring partners together to build new & local value chains


We will qualify applications of 5-HMF and FDCA

  • Biobased epoxies and without bisphenol A, to ensure health and environmental protection, and comply with regulations

  • 3D printing, allowing industry to use more local resources, reduce their carbon footprint, optimize their parts supply and storage costs

  • Bio-sourced food packaging with improved oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and bacteria sealing properties allowing longer shelf life

  • Other industrial applications

We quantify the added value of our technology, through a value chain approach,

with regard to the challenges of the ecological transition.

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